Service and Outreach

Washington and Lee University

Service to the University:
Transfer Credits Czar, 2019-present
The Transfer Credits Czar is in charge of all transfer, domestic off-campus, and study abroad credit approvals for mathematics. 

Course Assistant Manager and Supervisor, 2021-present.
The Course Assistant Manager and Supervisor runs the Course Assistant program for mathematics.

University Financial Aid Committee, 2023-present

National Association of Mathematicians, Inc. (NAM)
Founded in 1969, NAM is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to highlight the research and teaching excellence of mathematicians, with a particular focus on mathematicians of the African Diaspora. NAM holds several signature events throughout each calendar year focused on critical segments of the higher education spectrum, including students, faculty, and those working in business, government, and industry. 

Learn more about NAM at our website: 

Service to NAM: Treasurer, 2020-present.

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM)
BEAM is a nonprofit organization based in New York with the goal of helping more underrepresented and underserved communities attain careers in STEM. The BEAM Pathway program starts with select, high-potential middle-schoolers in the summer after 7th grade with the BEAM Summer Away Program, where select, high-potential students get to learn advanced mathematics at a college campus away from their home city. BEAM stays with the middle-schooler all the way through college admissions (and beyond), offering tutoring, counseling, and other services. 

Learn more about BEAM here:

Service to BEAM: BEAM Summer Away Faculty, 2014-2021.